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TechCast Singapore: creating and harnessing futures of technology for a better Singapore

Why TechCast Singapore?

A working knowledge of things in the future is well within our reach
HG Wells

In striving towards a smart nation that harnesses the power of new technologies, Singapore must first develop the intellectual leadership that can spot opportunities in this new world order of relentless technological disruption. Such an endeavour requires organisations and individuals to amass first-hand knowledge of emerging technologies as they devise strategies to navigate long-term threats and uncertainties.

Our Mission

IPOS-International, in partnership with TechCast Global, brings people together to create a shared long term perspective on how Singapore, as a smart nation, can benefit from the emergence of new technologies to empower the people and create opportunities.

To support this mission, TechCast-Singapore will:
Establish a Think Tank in Singapore with trained futurists and technology experts
Develop a content repository on the changing landscape of emerging technologies
Develop a Singapore perspective on critical technologies that could either bring opportunities or disrupt current economic conditions

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